The glorious world of PhD hunting: An intro to your fellow Ninjas

Hi Internet! We’re FLED, the team behind ThePhDNinja. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting all sorts of facts, guides and helpful hints about applying for PhDs, including: deciding whether a PhD is for you, where to look for PhDs and funding sources, how to present yourself on paper and in an interview, and much more. By bringing all this information together in ThePhDNinja, we hope to create a useful starting point for anyone thinking of pursuing a PhD. Our main focus will be on PhD’s relating to Psychology (as that’s what we know best!), but the information should be generalisable to other subject areas too.

-Hi, I’m Lucy and I’ll be posting on topics such as: ‘Is a PhD for you?’, ‘Writing a Research Proposal’, and ‘Interview Questions: The good, the bad and the mind-freezingly terrifying’. My main interests lie in the areas of neuroimaging, social neuropsychology, sci-fi, kittens and procrastination (which is why I’ll be teaching you all what NOT to do in my time management post later on). If you would like to know more about any of the topics I cover then please leave a comment under the post and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

Dr. L

-I’m Daniella, one of the PhD Ninjas, paid (I wish… I am actually doing this voluntarily), to help fight the demons of anything and everything PhD related. Ok, so let me introduce myself: I am a Big Bang Theory worshiper, a cognitive neuroscience geek and a massive foodie!!! Oh and a postrgrad psychology student. I am also an aspiring Neuroscientist so, if you want to know what’s what in regards to having a career in academia, I am the girl to ask. As well as this, I’ll give you a breakdown, tick by tick, of the ominous timeline of events leading up to becoming a PhD student. Trust me; they are not as scary as they sound!!!!! Along side my fellow Ninjas I will tweet, blog and post words of advice, caution and warning on various topics to help you find perfect the PhD.

Dr. Double D

-Hi I’m Fran and I’m another member of the PhD Ninja team. I am mainly interested in neuropsychology! When I’m not studying I am doing artsy crafty things, photography, baking (and eating) cakes. But for the next few weeks I am here to help you on your quest to become a PhD student. In particular I will be helping you start your search for a PhD studentship as well as hunting for the elusive project funding. Once that part is complete I will help you seal the deal with prepping your CV and brushing up those presentation skills. Hopefully with this week by week guide we will make this process a little less daunting!

Dr. Fran-kenstein

-Hey there! My name’s Elena and I’ll also be taking you through the whirlwind journey that is finding and bagging a PhD! I’ve been working as a research assistant in a cognitive neuroscience lab whilst also doing my masters in clinical neuropsychology for a year or so now, and I’ll be starting my PhD in the same lab in February 2014. Through this blog I’ll be taking you through a few important things you need to know about getting a PhD, including: approaching academics/potential supervisors, giving presentations on your work, interview Dos and Don’ts, as well as how to survive your PhD! In between I intend to keep you fully entertained with pictures of kittens, posts about pizza, and anything else I find on my journey of procrastination whilst preparing for my own PhD.

Happy hunting followers!

Dr. Neo

You can find us on tumblr:, right here on wordpress, and we’ll be tweeting about it all as we go @ThePhDninja. We hope you find our posts helpful as you make your way through the dizzying world of PhD applications and, of course, we wish you all the best of luck!


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