Where to find a PhD?

So if you are reading this then I take it you have decided you want a career in academia. Well if you want to do a PhD knowing where to look for these opportunities is a good start. One of the main places to find opportunities is through websites such as findaphd.com and jobs.ac.uk. These websites are really good at helping you find PhD opportunities in any academic field including psychology. With these websites you can sign up for regular updates / alerts for PhD adverts in your field. This is really useful as it saves you having to search through lots of adverts that may not be relevant to you or that you may have seen before.

Websites like jobs.ac.uk (as the name suggests) show other academic jobs like research assistant posts which you may also want to consider as these types of posts will provide you with experience to put on your CV (more about that later!)

Here are some links to websites advertising PhDs:





Another good place to look for opportunities is on the websites of Universities and the department you are interested in. They usually advertise all of their opportunities on their own websites as well as elsewhere.

Lastly sometimes (but not very often) these opportunities get circulated through University emails. However as I said this does not happen very often so be proactive and search for yourself!

-Dr Fran-kenstein


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