Impactful impact statements and more…

Applications are something we all have to fill out so…


Here’s my stress-free to an easy application process


*ideas don’t necessarily have to be awesome but, write it so your personality shines through and please…. DON’T LIE.

– Application forms and all their subsections are a way to get to know a prospective PhD candidate. It allows them to assess your knowledge, passion and motivations to working in an academic environment over the next three years. Don’t panic, if you’re this far into the process, you are clearly interested in academia in one way or another, find your niche, show your passion and put that across in your written application



–    Write down things you are involved in; both academic and extracurricular activities and identify the role you take and what you’ve learnt. Provide some examples of teaching, as PhD studentships often have an element of teaching undergrads.


– Everyone has had interesting experiences, WRITE THEM DOWN!

– Not everyone goes on gap years or has travelled round the southern hemisphere (other hemispheres included) but that doesn’t matter. At least identify things you’ve done that relate to the position you’re applying for.  Just because you scaled Everest blindfolded, doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to walk into a PhD. Make sure you have relevant experience which shows you can use your initiative, are hard-working and that you can communicate with a variety of people. Potential supervisors want to know that you are reliable.


–   Show your passion for research and your ideas about the current direction your chosen field is going in.


Running low on ideas?

Here’s some buzzwords to help you through >>>>



Deep thinker






KISS – NO, Not that type of kiss.


More importantly…. Don’t let this be you!!!!


There’s more helpful titbits here:

– Dr. Double D 



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